Tony Drockton


Branding, Fashion, Faising Capital

Tony Drockton is the energetic force behind Hammitt handbags and accessories. Tony’s unlikely path to a fashion empire began at his father’s grocery store in Ohio, where Tony learned the value of fostering relationships that put customers first. Following in his father’s footsteps, Tony soon began a lifelong entrepreneurial journey, beginning with an MBA from Bowling Green University. With a business degree under his belt, Tony hit the road for sunny Southern California. Here, he started his first two businesses, skyrocketing to success in construction and finance. Not only did these ventures bring financial success, but they also laid the foundation for relationships with lifelong business partners and friends.

After the 2008 recession prompted a resilient financial reinvention, Tony felt his creative side calling. Serendipity stepped in as he crossed paths with Stephenie Hammitt, who had recently caught lightning in a bottle with her handmade leather clutches. From that moment forward, Tony committed himself to unleashing Hammitt’s lightning as a great American handbag brand built on European values. Today, you can still find him soaking in the warm community of Hermosa Beach, California or traveling the country building the same intimate relationships he learned in his father’s neighborhood store.


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