Shawn Thomas


Founder, Ask a Millionaire ®

Shawn, known on social media as @askamillionaire and The Original Live Stream Mentor®️, is the quintessential entrepreneur.
Never one to let fear of the unknown stand in the way, at the age of 18, Shawn left a small town in Alaska where he grew up to move to sunny California. His dream as a kid was to become a rockstar and travel the country as a singer and get on MTV.
Within 3 years, while working 2-3 jobs and going to college full-time, Shawn auditioned for a boy band and out of over 10,000 kids, Shawn was chosen to be in N/MOTION.

N/MOTION, signed to Warner Bros. Records, traveled the USA by train as a headlining act with Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus. Shawn accomplished his dream and appeared on MTV and played Madison Square Garden.
After the gig was finished, like many, Shawn decided to forego going back to college and set out to be an entrepreneur.

Ten lost years later after many failed attempts, Shawn founded Uniguest, a computer sales and service company. As CEO, Shawn grew the company to over 100 employees and $20,000,000 in annual sales and ultimately sold the company to a private equity group in December of 2013.

After taking a few years off, Shawn started Ask A Millionaire to mentor start up entrepreneurs. Shawn now mentors hundreds of thousands of people through his daily live streams on Instagram and has created a world class mentoring program known as Most Won’t I Will where he brought on other successful, proven business leaders to share their personal experiences and mentor those in the tribe.

Shawn is a wine enthusiast, world traveler, animal lover, and avid foodie.


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